Pam and Helen

those Oakland lovebirds, (see post below)
made the San Francisco Chronicle this morning.



Quaker References

The SPG Q Continuum Desk tracks references in the media to Quakers.

This week on, the weekly political podcast is headlined "The Quaker Meeting Gabfest." The reference was interesting enough that we listened to the entire podcast to catch the reference which occurs about half way through. One of the casters - David Plotz, make reference to having not spoken up during a previous discussion and taking flak for it from listeners. His fellow casters defend him, state that they think they should speak up less when they have no opinions and that some silence wouldn't hurt them at all. They joke a bit about this for a moment and then Caster Emily says something like 'yeah, we could just be silent, have the Quaker Meeting Podcast."

The good thing about this is that they used the word Quaker correctly in a sentence. The bad thing is that once again, it was part of a joke.



Yes, it's been a bad month for the Klan


Still my Hero.
Morris Dees and the SPLC
against the Klan for their
hate crime against a young man in Kentucky.
The Klan like to buy land so they will probably even collect. They did in Idaho. Too bad it is only one piece of the Klan - but everybit helps!


Somewhere I read

Here are my friends Helen and Pam. They are a couple of the marryin' est people I know.
They got married in their Quaker meeting in New York a long time ago. They got married again during mayor Newson's season of love a couple of years ago. They got married again this year when the supreme court of California said they could. They could end up getting married again sometime for all I know.
They are part of a great journey towards a new way of thinking, towards greater equality. That road is still rocky, and it still has its narrow places and obstructions. We do not know how long the road is. We do not know how many of us will see the place on that road called marriage equality. But this week we know that sometimes things move faster than we would have thought or could have dreamed.

Now watch this -

The irony is not lost on us that prop 8 may have been tipped over by people who were ready for race equality, but not ready for marriage equality.
But it doesn't matter. Because we know where the road ends.
It ends in the promised land. Certain as sure.
Pam and Helen know this because they have seen the promised land. They live in the promised land in their home. They see regular glimpses of that land in their Quaker meeting. Twice they have seen it materialize at City Hall in San Francisco. It is no less real for being a flickering spark before it becomes a solid beam.
We as a people will see it. Our grandchildren will build upon it as a foundation. As Susan B Anthony said with her dying words,
"Failure is impossible."
Now go up and watch the preacher again.
And when he says "illegal injunction"
substitue "mis-guided contitutional amendment"
And when he says "Somewhere I read"
add this...
Somewhere I read
"In Christ there is no male or female, no Jew nor Greek no free man nor slave..."
Somewhere I read
"What you do to the least of these you do to me..."
Somewhere I read
"Love each other just like I have loved you..."



Sweet Home Chicago

IF by some cosmic scales of universal balance

WE had to give up this

And even THIS

In order to get THIS....



Si Se Puede

I really like this,
Talented Andres Useche

I Like this, musically, politically and spiritually

Hat tip to Jeanne for the link