Quaker References

The SPG Q Continuum Desk tracks references in the media to Quakers.

This week on, the weekly political podcast is headlined "The Quaker Meeting Gabfest." The reference was interesting enough that we listened to the entire podcast to catch the reference which occurs about half way through. One of the casters - David Plotz, make reference to having not spoken up during a previous discussion and taking flak for it from listeners. His fellow casters defend him, state that they think they should speak up less when they have no opinions and that some silence wouldn't hurt them at all. They joke a bit about this for a moment and then Caster Emily says something like 'yeah, we could just be silent, have the Quaker Meeting Podcast."

The good thing about this is that they used the word Quaker correctly in a sentence. The bad thing is that once again, it was part of a joke.

Frankly, im glad it was a joke. Quakers far too often take themselves way too seriously. waaaaaaay too seriously.

In fact, according to my Quaker upbringing I should right now be adding in a comment meant to make sure that no one was offended by the above comment. But I'm not gonna, cause i'm just a rebel like that.
I'm glad you listened to that and found the reason for the title. I'd seen the article on the website but didn't have the time for the listening so was still wondering what the title was about. At least the joke was a gentle one.
Mary Linda
I'm not troubled by jokes about Quakers. I enjoy them, if they are nice ones like that. I wish I was funnier in a nice way.
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