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In about two hours, I am going to try my hand at something new.

I am going to starting teaching Psychology 101 for our local Community College. I will have three sections of early college high school students, on three different campuses, five mornings a week.

I have done a lot of different kinds of teaching, but never anything quite like this. I have not had any classes in education.

But I have seen enough syllabi to make one up. I like the director of this program and her expectations for our classrooms. I feel enough liberty to make passing references to their textbook and teach them what I have in my heart and soul. This is not rocket science.

But it still feels like looking at the deep end of the pool this morning.

Fortunately everything I have ever done, that meant anything was a deep end of the pool experience.



The Season is Over

We get the Dodgers on Wednesday



They found a cardborard effigy of Obama hung by the neck on the Campus of George Fox U in Newberg this morning.

attached was a note that stated opposition of aprogram to enroll minority students in the School.

Here is the link to the story


The School is doing all the right things...


Mike McGeehon has written an excellent post addressing the events in Newberg,



Our Pitchers

Yesterday at Shea, Jason Marquis - the Cubs starting Pitcher hit a grand slam Home run to win his own game!

This is where the National League pride comes in.
Our boys do it all.

MLB reports on the power that teh Cubs have at the number 9 spot.


Not to late to register - Portland area

Spiritual Formation

Hillsboro Friends Church

This Saturday Sept 27, 2008 - 9 am to 5 pm

Hero of Your Own Story led by Peggy Senger Parsons

A practical toolbox for turning the world upside down,

starting with your own life.

Peggy's vision:

What I am bringing that you are going to leave with, if you wish:

Some inspiration.

A better idea of what you were put here to do and how to do it.

A new way to tell your own story.

Liberation from being a victim and/or living in survival mode.

Tools you can use immediately to start doing what you were put here to do.
A vision of what your future could look like.

What I expect God to show up with:

Healing. Hope. Direction.

What I want you to bring:Honesty. Courage. Hope. An open mind.

Session 1: Heroes and superpowers - lighter - not too much to deal with over coffee, but with some real interesting twists.

Session 2: Why you are here - introspection focused - quiet - but with a very clear product at the end. This is the serious chunk for the day.

Session 3: Telling your own story - with break out time for some interesting activities.

Session 4: The tool box - straight up teaching.

Everyone is invited - Cost $5.00

to register e-mail Pastor Bernie Bosnijak

or call the church at (503) 648-1814




Be very very good.

Here's Eddie Vedder
This Friend speaks my mind




So here is a pic I took of a perfect spiral rose in
Laura's wedding bouquet.
That such beauty exists.....

Laura's rose


Kagarama Friends Church

So I just learned from one of Heather's tutorials that I can make pictures on blogger really big if I put them through flkr first

Heather is not only a great photog she is a mighty fine teacher too!
thanks Heather!



Heather Espana McGeehon

Heather Espana McGeehon is a mega-talented young photographer who has just opened her own business out of Newberg Oregon. She is photographing weddings, babies, mothers, grads, and any other event or non-event that you can think of.

Her pictures of Laura and Ethan have pleased an stunned the entire clan.

Heather is a regular attender of Freedom Friends

and the bride of Mike

If you know anyone in the Northwest planning a Wedding for next year, I would book Heather now!

(ps Heather runs a GLBTQ friendly business)



Laura and Ethan

Laura and Ethan came in with Halley's Comet in 1986.
We are not convinced that they had not been somewhere else together before.

They passed each other many times in Salem from their car seats, as their mothers crisscrossed the downtown core, but they didn't manage to physically be in the same place at the same time until ninth grade.

Mr. Fink threw them out of English class together.
Ethan says that Laura hit him in the back.
Laura says that Ethan told her to do it.

Laura hated High School.
She left to do alternative school.
Ethan hated school too, but ended up staying and protesting
by doing homework yet not turning it in.

Ethan's mother really wanted him to go to prom.
Ethan could only think of one person he could bear to do that with,
so he found Laura and they went just as Friends.

Ethan went to Portland State. Laura found excuses to go to Portland.

They were married last Saturday.
In a beautiful simple service.
There were bagpipes.
There was Love.

It is my wish and prayer that they have each other
until the next time Halley comes around.