Getting Me There - (And Back Again)

Book Sales
and Sponsorships


I have a call, a plan,  and an itinerary. 

I absolutely need  your help to make this a reality.

First a Gratitude!  My plane tickets to and from the Continent have been paid for by a generous grant from the Susan Bax Fund. This cost was about $2250.

My budget for the rest of the trip looks like about $2800.00 more.

I am picking up the prep costs, the per-diems on travel days and life in buja - about 1200. I can clothe and feed myself.

The rest I hope to raise through book sales and sponsorships.

Books Sales: My two books, So there I was and So There I Was in Africa 
  are in the black financially and all book sales in the next six weeks will go to support the Africa ministry.  The suggested donations for them are $20 and $15 respectively and I will make the special two book deal available at $25  please remember to add postage.  The paypal button on this page and the page are working.  If you have your copies already, why not send a set to some Friend you like, or want to annoy, I will gift ship with credit or anonymously!

Direct Donations: If you would like to make a direct undesignated donation you may do that through Freedom Friends Church and get your tax deduction. Make sure you designate it "Pastor's Africa Fund"
FFC has a paypal button on its site, or you can mail a check to 2425 13th Street Se, Salem Oregon 97302.

Sponsorships: Want to feel a little more directly linked to what I am doing? Why not sponsor a piece of the trip? You can do this through my paypal or the church. Make sure you send me an e-mail  telling me what piece you want and I will update this post with the sponsorships (you can be anonymous if you are that kind of person) Also feel free to take a portion of one of the larger expenses.

Sponsorships Available:

Peggy in Mombasa with FUM   $550

1200 miles of bus trips     $125 -SPONSORED

Visas for five border crossings $300 - SPONSORED

The costs of the Institute in Buja $ 140 - SPONSORED

English Bibles for the Students $360

Flying Doctors      $50 - SPONSORED
(this is an "insurance" donation to a great organization - If I get hurt or sick real bad they will come scoop me up and fly me med-evac to Nairobi - the expense we hope we don't need to use)

Anti-malarials   $60 0r $250 - SPONSORED!
I will be deep in the malaria zone for the whole trip. $60 gets me generic Larium, gut stripping and anxiety producing but it works.
$250 if you want me to have the nice Malerone - works without nasty side effects.

I have, what I think is a full (or only missing 1 week) of meflaquine I bought her but stopped using. If you want it, I would be happy to leave it in Rwanda with someone to give to you.
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