The Program

(a young Burundian preacher at a youth meeting in our yard - Kibenga - 2007)

The Kamenge Institute for Future Quaker Leadership
Summer 2010, Bujumbura Burundi
Jointly sponsored by Kamenge Friends Church and Freedom Friends Church

Participants: 24 to 30 young Quakers age 17-24.  Half of them Female. On break from finishing secondary school or starting university. Students will be chosen by the Elders of Kamenge Friends church from application essays. If logistically possible, some seats will be set aside for students from other areas.

Primary goals:
               Prepare post-genocidal African leaders
               Develop functional peacemakers and earth care-takers
               Teach Quaker history and values in a way relevant to the                                           Burundian culture and the 21st century
               Present a Biblically grounded, generously orthodox,
                         post-modern theology

Secondary Goals:
               Improve the English skills of the students
               Connect their spiritual, academic and civic lives.
               Build long-lasting  cohort relationships 

Schedule: We will teach mornings, three days a week for four weeks. We may also do a work project together.  Each morning we will have a Bible lesson, a Quaker history lesson, a conflict resolution lesson and an Earthcare lesson.

               Freedom Friends Church will help fundraise for Pastor Peggy Senger Parsons to travel to Bujumbura and teach, and provide spiritual nurture and accountability for Peggy. Kamenge Friends Church elders will designate one of their adult members to supervise and oversee arrangements.  A young adult co-facilitator will be chosen to work closely with Peggy to keep the material culturally and generationally relevant. Certificates of completion signed by Peggy, a representative of Freedom Friends Church and a representative of Kamenge Friends Church will be awarded to all who complete the course.

excellent!! This sounds amazing!
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