Kitty Cat

I promise that I am not going to let this blog devolve into a gramma blog.  But besides teaching three sections of psychology and counseling and pastoring. I am trying to edit the African volume of "So There I was"

In the meantime, for your vitamin cute dosage today, baby Nia is talking.

At the beginning of this short clip you can  hear her say "gitty-gat"  and at the end her mommy says "I think she's escaping" and I hear Nia say "Gitty-cat gaping?"

Nia lives with three cats.  They can all jump the baby gates. I think Nia is taking notes on "escaping" what do you think?

Thanks. I can use a little cute from time to time.
You can granny blog all you want - so cute.
It looked like she was taking in various "under" and "over" routes, following the cat.
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