Now Taking Orders!

Sixty columns about God, freedom, motorcycles, invincibility, love, lies, Quakers and a female preacher

I will be shipping copies of "So There I Was" within the month. The book is going to come in at about 270 pages. It will include sections on 12 spiritual disciplines for the 21st Century, Quakers, motorcycle theology, Post modern theology and many of my personal stories from my 2006-2008 United Press International religion columnist gig.

For the nest few weeks I will be re-posting the top six columns. I wrote 100 columns for UPI and have written a few more since then. I have pulled most of the Africa columns out into another volume "So There I Was ... in Africa" which I hope to have out before Christmas.

It will cost $20.00 US ( plus 3 for postage), but I will make a volume discount and sell two for $35 (+4 pstg) or 3 for $50 (+$5 pstg). All orders will be shipped Media Mail. You may use the Paypal button on this page, but make sure you also send me an email with your mailing address ( You may also mail a check to Peggy Parsons, 710 Thompson NE, Salem Or, 97301. Write to me for info on out of US/CAN postage. Thank you in advance for all the support, and may God use this effort to make the Kingdom manifest.

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Well, THAT kills my Burundi to Texas comment...... oh well. But HEY! two volumnes! Now I gotta think about this.... how many copies when?
I think I should have had Vail copy editing the book!

Nate, I have decided to let the flood gates open. I have bought ten ISBN numbers. Pretty soon it is going to be - Oh No, it's that Parsons woman at the door again and she has more BOOKS!
Good, I was hoping the columns would someday be in a book. I will order one, also the new Freedom Friends Faith and Practice.
(Parsons woman at the door again with more books) - what could be better than that. I love your writing.
Go, Peggy!
I placed my order! Can't wait to read it!
I think we need to start taking bets (if Quakers bet) on how long your first print run is going to last. My guess is not long.
Can I pay extra for a special limited edition copy with green squiggly line on the cover included?
Nia's Mama
What terrific timing you have! My birthday is coming up in July... and the African columns collection before Christmas?

Oh, you lovely, lovely woman, you! *electronic bear hug*

Check going in the mail for two.
I wish you had not made the "Parsons woman" comment..... I have this image of you pushing a shopping cart fulla books all around Salem!
thanks Nate. Keep that shopping kart woman in your prayers - closer to reality than you will ever know.
w00t w00t, to my sister in publishing!

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up
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