Killing Killers forbidden by Jesus

So someone has killed abortion provider Dr. Tiller in Kansas.
He was at his Lutheran Church.
We can at this point only presume this was done by someone so opposed to abortion that they are using a"just war" theory to kill.
No matter where you are on the spectrum (and it is a spectrum, not a binary choice), if you claim to be a follower of Christ, this is deplorable.

And it is expressly forbidden by Jesus in the Gospels.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Roman soldiers have come for Jesus. Everyone know that they are killers of the innocent and that it is Jesus' death that they come with.

Peter pulls out his sword.

Jesus tells him to put it away.

He specifically forbids him to use violence to further his cause.

What part of that is equivocal?



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“Peg ... yeah ... God’s very own loose cannon.”
Derek Lamson, musician, Portland, Oregon

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Gwen, Methodist pastor, Salem Oregon

“Of course it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but she does it very nicely.” Church Secretary, Newberg, Oregon




Coming soon - So There I Was - the book!

My trip to the Quakers United in Publishing Conference in April pushed me over the final intellectual hurdle to self-publishing.

I have a bunch of good writing and good ideas on my computer and in my head.

I love the quality of our Faith and Practice Book and our local Press is helpful and swift.

The stigma attached to self-publishing has almost vanished.

The cost is not prohibitive.

Cutting out the middlepeople of editors and publisher doesn't hurt my feelings at all.

So I bought a block of ten ISBNs and here I go.

I am working with a selection of my So There I Was UPI columns.

I expect to have it in my hands by the fourth of July.


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Sarah and Freddy Perryman, Timberline Lodge,
Mount Hood, April 26, 2009



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