Coming soon - So There I Was - the book!

My trip to the Quakers United in Publishing Conference in April pushed me over the final intellectual hurdle to self-publishing.

I have a bunch of good writing and good ideas on my computer and in my head.

I love the quality of our Faith and Practice Book and our local Press is helpful and swift.

The stigma attached to self-publishing has almost vanished.

The cost is not prohibitive.

Cutting out the middlepeople of editors and publisher doesn't hurt my feelings at all.

So I bought a block of ten ISBNs and here I go.

I am working with a selection of my So There I Was UPI columns.

I expect to have it in my hands by the fourth of July.
Far OUT!!!!! Put me down for at least one copy. I'm likely to get more to give away as presents.
I want one.
I will take some pre-orders in a couple of weeks. It is looking like it it going to be about 250 pages and when I get the quote from the press, I can price the book and start taking orders.

You guys encourage me!
I'm with Nate so I hope you're thinking internationally! Great that QUIP has had such a positive effect on you. Your presentation there certainly had one on me!
Peggy, Your columns are good stuff however they're published! Looking forward to it.
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