Sunday Morning Heresies: The Dog Wins

Mark 7:27-30

Jesus was in the neighborhood of Tyre and Sidon, pretty diverse country.
And because he was beyond beat, he entered a house and tried to hide, for a day of rest.
But the people were not having it, and found Him.
And a Greek lady, with a very messed up daughter, came and begged Him for help.
And because He was annoyed, He sent her away on a lame excuse.
And because He could be kind of a jerk sometimes,
He referred to her as a dog which was almost the worst insult He had.
And  she owned it, and shamed Him by saying even dogs get fed.
And because He could be pretty amazing sometimes,
He let her words stand, as she had won the battle of words, His best game,
And healed her daughter from where He sat.