So I was just trying to have a nice memorial day ride.
And Rocinante had come out of the shop recently with a major fix that seemed to be working.
But as soon as I got out of town she had issues.
I made my destination, but she did it again coming home.
Sudden - full engine stoppage on the downshift.
After three, very hard to take, restarts, her battery was starting to go.
I pulled off the main drag.
Took my helmet off and called Alivia to Lament.
I am really getting worried about whether she is reaching her lifespan.
I registered my complaint with my maker and watchers.
And then this van drove up in front of me.
My God is a smartass.

She is totally hilarious at our expense.
It is the fourth of July
Roci is back out of the shop finally.
A replaced starter motor was required to even diagnose the stoppage problem.
Which has not been replicated since.
I have been given the task of riding her for the weekend to see if I can make it happen again... staytuned
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