Just a regular Sunday at Freedom Friends Church

Well, it was a celebration day. The recording of Ashley M Wilcox as a minister of the Gospel. The outcome of the business was not really in doubt. That is not where we get our serendipity at FFC.

We are spoiled with a history of God-made moments. The unexpected visitor.  The unexpected vocal ministry.  Most meetings get these. At FFC they tend to be just a bit alternative . 

This morning a gentleman walked up the boulevard into the meeting. Six foot or better. Strong looking. Long blond  locks flowing straight back from his face, piercing blue eyes below a broad, square forehead, a long, straight, noble nose and a full beard. Dressed in normal Friday casual except for the ladies polyester skirt. He seemed at ease and at home in the worship service. He nodded sagely when Joe Synder spoke the disciple's anguished Query, "Where else would we go Lord, you have the everlasting word of life!"  He smiled when Vail Palmer reader from the letter to the Ephesians. He sang with us and prayed with us. It was a beautiful meeting.

At the rise of the meeting I  welcome him and chatted. This is how he introduced himself.

"I'm trying to get to all the churches. I heard about some women who had a 'wear pants to church day' among the Mormons. I heard that they received death threats for their protest. That bothered me a great deal and so I decided to dress in a skirt, because Jesus had no seam between his legs, and I decided to go to all the churches and let them know that God loves us all and that the second commandment that we love each other is the only thing that matters. And that this is what Jesus, God or not, would want us to do." He had other things to say, and he was very impressed with what he said was his first Quaker meeting.  He loved our concept of ministry. When I told him that we had  recorded women to the ministry since the 1600's, he said. "It did seem like you had received the memo." 

I asked him if he ate pie. "Of course, who doesn't eat pie?" He chose the Cherry.  He smiled at us taking pictures and laughed when I called the assembled photogs "Quaker Paparazzi." And he walked out without saying goodby. His signature in the guest book is undecipherable, but he said his name was Erik.

The name Erik is a Danish name. In Danish the meaning is: Ever kingly.

Just another Sunday morning at Freedom Friends. 

Update: Here is Erik Kulick, Aka cross-dressing Mormon Jesus 

I just shared this post with my LDS friends (many of whom started and participated in the "Pants Day" at Mormon church). Beautiful!
Hello Peggy! I met a nice Quaker lady online who happens to be a regular on a Mormon Feminist Housewives Facebook group that I'm a member of, and she found your blog post about my visit to your wonderful house of worship! I look forward to joining you folks again for fellowship and checking back on your blog!

Look what else I've been up too:

I've been walking a lot:
Whoa! And there you are, Eric! Thanks for stopping in.
This would have made my day even if I wasn't Mormon. But I am, and it was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
I just wanted to stop in and say that I had the opportunity to make it to a Pride parade, and although I was proud to march with the Mormons for Marriage Equality, I would have been just as proud to march with the Quakers and the many other religious communities who were present as well.
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