One Hundred K

Seven years and one month ago I started this blog. 
This is the 627th post.
Y'all have supplied over 1500 comments. Thanks.
The sitemeter I have had on since the beginning says that sometime in the next ten days this blog will roll over the 100,000 visits mark. Page views rolled over that a long time ago.

To celebrate I think I will take the time to choose and rank 10 of my own favorite posts.
If you have one you wish to nominate, I would certainly like to hear from you.

To mark the occasion, I give you a NPR Snap clip called
"The Last Mile"


Rehabilitating Christmas is my nomination. I share it with my meeting most Advents.
Thanks so much for your writing! Much appreciated.

I can't find the link right now but one of my favourites of your posts was one in which you talked about trauma counselling, and how to keep the perineum soft (?) in order to avoid being (re-)traumatised as a listener.
So, y'all like the practical stuff?

Some day I plan to make an entire Holiday edition.

From December 11, 2007
Christmas Rehab

Nov 2006 On Being Soft

which follows on Breathing
hi. sorry for being late to the party. (i tend to read your blog in batch mode occasionally, rather than all the time.)

some of my favs you've already hit (your whole subversive series -- i love those!)

i also love the one where the huge tattood guy is trying to buy mascara for his daughter at christmas.

and the one about the kid who comes late to one of your african training classes, and talks his way into being allowed in, and is nominated by the other kids to represent them.

somehow i hadn't seen your airport arrivals story before, which you posted as #8, but i would have done so had i read it before.

lastly, if it's not a faux pas, a couple links to another lady's blog who started a children's home and school in nepal that i find quite touching and inspiring, so perhaps you will too:

the back story:
or a 3 min video:

lots of happy pics and stories on the blog, but a few give a glimpse of the reality behind the scenes, which for those of us who don't see that world makes it starkly real...

"jersey girl" moment & the shoes:
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