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So for those of you who are too busy to stay up with Pop Culture, or those of you who take pride in being oblivious to Pop Culture (srsly?  - a whole nuther sermon)  I will clue you into something you might have otherwise missed.

The world of Hip-hop can be severely  Machismo. And Violent.  There are exceptions, but  pride of rank is a BIG deal. So Chris Brown (notorious for all sorts of stuff including domestic violence) starts a beef in the parking lot of  the recording company that he shares with  Rising star Frank Ocean. It turns into a full blown brawl by both entourages.  They destroy the Lobby of the Record Company. All witnesses say Brown started it, and they expected revenge or law suits at the very least. 

Frank Ocean issues the above statement.
It's really rather stunning, even if it is just a moment.


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