A Special Wedding

Susan and Jerry
Aren't they pretty and don't they look happy?

I do love a good wedding, and really, most weddings are good weddings. But this was was unusual. Alivia and I were got to help Susan and Jerry wed on Saturday. These two love the stories. All the stories. They Processed to music from the Hobbit and recessed to the theme from Indiana Jones. They quoted Dr. Suess and Douglas Adams in the ceremony. The reception had themed tables from the X-Files, Star Trek, Star War, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and My Little Ponies.  During the course of the reception Tribbles multiplied around the room. But my favorite detail was that the Tardis centerpiece kept disappearing and re-appearing on different tables.

At the top of the Ceremony, Alivia boldy declared that "Mawaige! Mawaige is what brings us together!"  I was proud of her.  I got to do the homily.  This is what I said.

One of the many things that I like about the two of you is your shared love of story and Mythos. Many of us in this room share this with you. Why do humans take such delight in made up stories about Quests, explorations and battles between Good and Evil? I think it is because we all know that these stories are essentially true. There is a dark side of the force and it is tempting. We are called to the stars. The Truth is out there. Anyone can find redemption.  And Love does, in fact, Trump Death.

I believe Humans come into this world not only with amazing adaptable hardware but also with some pre-loaded software. Some of this shows up in our stories. Sure, We pass these stories down verbally, but they wouldn’t stick if they did not resonate so deeply with our souls. These stories rise up in every culture and in every age. You couldn’t wipe them out if you tried. Science keeps reinforcing their basic truths. The two of you know this.

And so you start out today on a Quest. Not to destroy something - but to create something. You are going to try and build a loving life together – this is your grail. It is entirely ok that you don’t really know how you are going to do this. If you know where you are going and how to get there – it is an errand – not a Quest. It is ok that you do not feel entirely prepared. Help will show up on the way. It is more than ok that you have a reality based, friendship based, starting place. Here is a secret about True Love. It doesn’t fall out of the sky and hit you on the head. It isn’t a spell or a Jedi Mind Trick. And it isn’t rare. “What you think this happens every day”?  Yes, yes I do. True Love is common as dirt. It is in the air we breathe. It is built into our DNA. It is available in some form to everyone.

But you have to believe in it. You have to choose Love, as both your destination and path. You have to plant and sometimes build it. You have to nurture and maintain it. You have to protect it. You have to make it first in your life and put everything after it.

I’m getting old. I’ve learned a few things. Many of them the hard way. You will learn that way too. But I have three little gifts/suggestions to give you for your path.

1     First - Stay together. Talk to each other first, about everything. If you find yourself talking to someone else about your deepest stuff more or sooner than your spouse, make a course correction. Don’t spiritually or emotionally leave him/her. Not for a minute, not for any purpose.

2     Second - Susan, remember when you were little and sang This Little Light of Mine in Sunday school ? - teach Jerry that song (not now) Here’s a little light. Take the Light with you. Shine the Light on everything. No secrets. None. Together you make up the image of God. If you stay together you can deal with anything. If they manage to split you up, they can lie to you, and convince you of nearly anything. Expose everything to the Light.

3 Third - Be ready to be transformed. Love that doesn’t change you for the better is not Love. You will be different people 25 years from now. But if you choose Love every day between now and then, you will be better people, who love each other better.

You know how they describe an epic story of challenge and redemption? If it’s really good they say it’s a story of “Biblical Proportions.” There are good reasons for that. Where do you think they got the idea that Love can beat death?  I consider John the Revelator to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time. You know what he said about you?  In one of the little letters, he said “Right now, you are children of God, what you will become remains to be seen…” We are all used to this children of God stuff. 2000 of Christendom has made us numb to it. When a guy in AD 100 or so said “Children of God” you know what everyone heard? Hercules.  Right now you are superheroes. You have untapped superpowers of Love, and forgiveness and resilience. If you let the Light of Love be the gravitational center of your life you will You will become something better than a superhero. You are ultimately unstoppable and invincible if you make the right choices. And Love is always the right choice.

You have a quest to start. Better get going…



Your gifts/suggestions were spot on. I loved the photo, too. I also liked that the wedding reflected who Jerry and Susan are right down to table decorations.

My only daughter is getting married next September. It makes me want to ask her what would be best represent her and her fiance when it comes to all those details.
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