The Little Country Church in Town!

Silverton Friends Church prospered.  The finished design for the church won a national architecture award for "Best mission church design seating less than 400."  Mr Lindgren, the architect was 35 years old at the time.  The announcement of the award in Christian Life Magazine includes the note "A lady, The Rev. Charlotte Macy is pastor" 

I do not know where the bell came from, or where it has gone. The project came in at just under $24,000.00.

They started meeting in the Chapel in early 1958.

In March of '58 Superintendent Dean Gregory writes to the two women:

"The Board of Evangelism is heartily in favor of your continuing work there feeling that you have accomplished in a few months what has taken most outpost pastors years to do. We recognize that the price has not been low, but high, both for you and for your people. We are certainly sympathetic to your many problems. We hope and pray that all will turn to the Glory of God. ... It seems to be somewhat of a record that your (work) has moved so rapidly and we do want to encourage you not to let the load settle so heavily upon you that it will impair your health or efficiency. We recognize your financial problems and admire your willingness to supplement your meager income by outside activities and work.  May the Lord strengthen your hands to the service of God in Silverton."

They became a preparative meeting in 1959. In 1960 attendance on Sundays was over 50 and they started paying Charlotte as pastor, $125.00 a month. (Dorothy is listed as Education director -a  volunteer position - she took outside work to support the two of them) They became a full monthly meeting in 1963.

Charlotte joined the Chamber of commerce and Chaired the local ministerial association (as the only woman). Everyone remarked on her ability to speak to anyone with rapport. The banker, the farmer, the school teacher, the housewife, the teen.  It was the 1960's and the evangelical world was greatly affected by "modern" sales techniques. Churches had slogans - Silverton's was "The Little Country Church in Town."  Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible Schools had contests and campaigns. Billy Graham was riding high with his "Crusades." This spirit shows up in one of Charlotte's reports

"God's Business is Big Business! - - Eternal business - - precious business - - life and death business. It requires all we have to "stay in business,"  for is cost God all He had to start this business of saving men's souls!"

I am sure that went over big at the Chamber.

In 1965 they started a new addition for Sunday school rooms. In 1966 Clynton Crisman writing for "The Share Call" a YM appeal for funds stated that "Very little financial assistance has ever been given Silverton by the Yearly Meeting. Heretofore they have not asked for help but have given sacrificially."

The last document I have from Charlotte's time at Silverton comes in March of 1967. They had finished the "march to church in March" program and were announcing the April "Faith - a Family Affair" program hoping to have 140 friends in attendance on Easter.


Dear Peggy,

Thank you so much for keeping up this series. This history is a blessing.

in friendship,
The bell is still with us! It was taken out of the tower when the tower rotted several years ago. The bell remains on a rolling cart in our sanctuary/gym. Hopefully soon it will be remounted in a new tower as part of our building project.
Oh, I am glad to hear about the bell! thanks Bob. I have a soft spot for bells.
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