Macy Mother's Day

By all reports, Clara Macy was a great laugher.  Nothing delighted young Charlotte more than making her hard-working mother laugh.  This may be the origin of Charlotte famous sense of humor which we will explore later.  But the vein of humor is rich in Macys and usually near the surface.

Here is a picture of Charlotte and Clara from 1958. Charlotte is 33.  I fear that the joke is lost to history.  We can speculate as to why Charlotte has a babydoll on her back, but if there is a living witness, I would like to know.

I would also like to know where this photo was taken. I have a
guess but would like confirmation.
I wonder if she is doing some kind of missions thing and is "being" an Aymara momma???
I am enjoying the story. Thanks.

Marcile Crandall
Aha! The hat made it scream "Amayra" to me too, Marcile. Were we in South America in 1958? Alice?

I also have a guess about which living room that was in. Can anyone confirm?
Yes, we went to Bolivia in 1930. It very well could have been an americanized version of an Aymara mommy with her baby on her back in an auayo. I love seeing Charolotte's own smile in the photo - so like her.
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