And Now For Something Completely Different

I am now going to hijack my own blog.

For the near future this blog is going to be dedicated to a writing project that I have been slow cooking for a long time, which needs to come to a boil.

I have been collecting material about a woman named Charlotte Macy for a decade now. Charlotte received what her eulogizers called a battlefield promotion in 1977. (by which they meant that she died too young)

I do not know if this project will end up as  a long essay or a short book.  Some of that depends on what kind of a reaction I get.  I am going to write about Charlotte in short vignettes. I am hoping that people who knew her will read and give me feedback on whether I am hitting the notes right. I hope to provoke memories.

I promise to keep this project on task for the duration. The blog will be all Charlotte all the time till I am finished. I will keep it heresy free - so that you may recommend it to you older Quaker relatives  and friends.  If you know anyone active in NWYM from 1948-1977 please send send them a link of the next post. If you know a Quaker from Greenleaf Idaho, 1925-1948 they also may be interested.

Cute baby pictures and smart-Alec remarks will appear with the heresy over on Facebook. 

Please make comments here, so that they are preserved. 

Obsessive copy editors ( you know who you are) will please sit on their hands. Egregious errors may be noted, (Thank you)  but this is not yet the time for the detail work.

Here we go...

"battlefield promotion?"

Not familiar with the lingo.

Definitely curious to hear such around Quakers.

Say more, please, Friend.
old school EFI Friends, like Really old school Quakers took seriously the "Lamb's War" Charlotte was a Lamb's warrior, and died in the middle of her work. Her fellow soldiers considered this a battlefield promotion
Hi Peggy

After I posted I realized that the Lamb's War is probably the applicable concept and "battlefield promotion" is definitely a piquant euphemism for death.

I am being Salted and Lighted in two languages in online study groups and the Lamb's War has come up in both. To me it's such a weird concept. I don't remember the Baptists needing to have a war for there to be living present Christ. I suppose it's fine to be a little challenged by all the war imagery in Romans.

What? I'm all about peace. This War thing is not at all what I signed up for--even though I am well familiar with life being full of things to struggle against. ?!?!? I mean it works if I think in terms of active nonviolence, but....

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more about Charlotte.
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