Nothing Says Easter quite like Compost

All my Theology lives in my garden.
Any dogma not displayed there is suspect to me.
My Father taught me this.

Compost is the visible lesson of life coming out of death.
Compost teaches me that nothing and no one is ever really lost.
Compost teaches me to work WITH God and God's processes.
Compost tells me that if I work with God, miracles are easy.

Hauling that miracle out to the right spot, can still be a bit of work.
Work is good for me.


Looking good! If I see what I think I see, the duckies would offer to enrich those dandelions before they go to the pile. (c:

We scored some alpaca / ewe manure this weekend. Oh, delight!
Yes, and I wish I could score some duckie or rabbit poo. Something by the bucketful not the truck full.

I do not discriminate against weeds in my compost especially If they go in young.

AS I weeded the new asparagus bed I had LOts of slugs and cutworms and other grub that I would have been GLAD to send to your ducks.
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