Apostola Apostolorum

That's what the early Church called her. The Apostle to the Apostles.

He spoke to her first.

Not Mary of Bethany, the good student
Not Lazarus, who you would have expected to expect the empty tomb.
Not His mother, not one of the three.

She of the seven demons.
She who needed him more than the others,
Because if he wasn't real, what had she to go back to?

He said that if you cleaned a house
you had better fill it
or it will be refilled by hell times ten.

He had more than filled her mind and heart and soul
And then He was gone.

Blinded by grief
she did not see Him.

She hadn't seen Him the first time either.
Cowering in a deep hidden corner of her soul.

But she had heard His approach
Demons screaming as they fled
or were bested in battle.

And He had found her then with His voice
He had called her by her name
And pulled her back up to herself.

Where have you taken Him?
That's where I have to be.
I don't care if it is death.

And He spoke
And she knew Him
And she was full
and sane
and whole.

Her house so in order
that she was ready for company.

And she went forth the First Witness.
Truth Teller.

And they believed her.


Peggy, this is brilliant, and right, and true.
Thank you, Peggy. Thanks for getting it about Jesus. Thanks for having done the inner work that makes it possible for you to get it about Jesus.Thanks for inhabiting the no man's land of Qdom. Thanks for being faithful.
Thanks Peggy. x
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