WOW - Rob Bell actually is a heretic!

I have his book right here in my hands.

It is completely set in a non-serif font.
Which I was told you could NEVER do in the body of the text.

And he doesn't write in paragraph form.
Not even sentences.

And  HarperOne let him do it.
So they are probably going to book design Hell too.
And me.

I'm ruined.
Never gonna touch a serif again.

I just love heretics.
Yes! Wonderful review, I guess I won't bother then since I know how it all ends.
I'm waiting for the lightning bolts. Really well-defined ones, with little lines so you can read them against the sky.
Thank you for this! I saw the title of your post in Google reader, and thought "Wow, she really thinks so???"
and when I read your post I laughed out loud. Nice to have some humor right now.
This is humor unless you are a font geek. My Lord, but some of those Font fundamentalists are tough. They'd be burning books if they could get away with it. You would need a permit to use Comic Sans - and they wouldn't issue many.
Hilarious! Some do elevate fonts to a level of religion. I'm enjoying you blog ( and enjoyed Bell's book too, depsite his Sins of Design)
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