"Precious in the sight of the Lord"

is the death of his saints

Charlotte Macy (left, above) and Dorothy Barratt (R) were recorded and released ministers.  Charlotte died in January 1977. Dorothy was reunited with her on Sunday night this week. They pastored churches in Oregon and Iowa individually and together. They literally built Silverton Friends Church. They lived in Rockaway Beach and were instrumental in the building of Twin Rocks Camp. Dorothy had a life long dedication to Christian Education. Dorothy was a member of Newberg Friends Church, and her memorial will be there on April 9.

This reporter did a series of interviews with Dorothy in 2001 and 2002. I was impressed with Dorothy's single minded devotion to her understanding of building God's Kingdom. She had holy boldness and the stamina to back it up.

I wonder if we are making young ministers at the rate we are losing them. I wonder if any of us have the strength of these early pioneers.


I remember Dorothy Barratt well -- first as a close friend of May Wallace, who was then on the pastoral team at Reedwood, and later when I served a 3-year term on the Christian Education board of NWYM. She was such a dynamic and dedicated servant of the Lord!

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