Annual Clivia Report

Father's Clivia bloomed for Ash Wednesday, or maybe it was Mardi Gras - they do look like a party!

These are the first three blooms, I say that because both the mother plant and the twin pups have a second bloom stalk coming along. That is SIX blooms.

The earliest they have ever bloomed was Valentines Day in 07 - I was in Africa at the time.

Three years they have bloomed for holy week 06, 08, 09.  The last two years they have bloomed for Ash Wednesday.

The blooms are fairly long lasting, so I am wondering how long during Lent they will bloom this year. The entire Holy Season?


Anyone local who wants to visit them may arrange a time.
I want to see them! I'll come over a few minutes early tomorrow before Multwood to take a look.
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