Wee Bairn Biker

Our clan's youngest daughter was here recently.
Naturally she wanted to sit on Gran's bike.

She declared it to be "My Bike"

She was quite comfortable. Gran, of course has a rule about babies and bikes. But thought that she might be impressed with a little engine sound. She was handed off to Mom and she batted not an eye when the motor went vroom. So Gran thought to demonstrate and put on a hat and roared just up the lane. The Bairn let out a banshee howl. We weren't sure if for fear for Gran or for the shame of being left behind. So Gran invested in a bit of vintage Radio Flyer to get the babe some chrome bars of her own. She declared it to be "Baby Motorbike!" and was content.



I love the Binky as Biker Gear bit too! Color coordinated even!
Two cute.
Dunno, should wee biker mamas DO pacifiers?
The pacifier keeps the bugs outa your teeth!

You can't really see but she is wearing her favorite pink net tuttu and black sparkle tights. The DNA in this family runs pretty true.
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