The Call to Boston

(notes to obscure Quaker references will be in the comments)

I have internal signposts.

Small spiritual prompts that my Guide uses to give me a "heads-up." One of these is "Bristol City Limits." This indicates the dangers of acclaim, and causes me to check my grandiosity quotient.  It will rise up in me like a clear, cheery voice of a cosmic conductor, "Bristol City Limits, darlin', time to get off!I usually do.

Another that gets less use is  "The Call to Boston."  This call is a reference to the actual dangers of following spiritual leadings.  Most of the dangers in my life are the consequences of my own foolish risk taking, not like the Sacrifice of Mary Dyer.  But once in a while I have heard "Careful, this has the potential to be the Call to Boston." I take this quite seriously.

But this week I got an Actual Call to Boston!  I am going to be this year's  Weed Lecturer at Beacon Hill Friends. We are looking at a June date.  I am very excited about this.

I am hoping that it does not involve  any of this:


In 1656, Early Quaker Leader James Naylor decided to re-enact the Triumphal entry of Christ to Jerusalem in Bristol England. This got him tortured and jailed for blasphemy and put him in bad fellowship with George Fox and many other Friends for a long time.

Mary Dyer, along with Marmaduke Stephenson and William Robinson were hanged at Boston Commons by the Puritan government of Massachusetts in 1660. Their crime was preaching and refusing to stay banished.
Ironicly Mary Dyer's statue is around the corner from Beacon Hill Friends House!
Ooooh, yours may be the second Weed Lecture to pull me to Boston! My summer schedule ,though, has the potential to be VERY full, so I'm eager to learn when you'll be speaking there!

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up
YES! This is exciting news! When you know dates, please let me know. I want to come!
YES! Congrats. And I love the signposts.

Again, thank you for being in Boston, (completely?) by chance the same weekend that I was. I have never sat through a sermon without my hands turning to fists and my unregenerate heathen heart crying out in protest. Thank you for your words and your spirit, and your ability to channel Spirit-with-a-capital-S! Thank you for sharing your remix. I hope to experience more of it.


PS--Also, apologies for the profusion of comments tonight; have been without access to the intarblags since I left Portland, and I have a LOT of catching up to do both in the Friends blogosphere and outside of it.
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