Household scenes

Some random scenes from our household life.

This is our outside kitchen - we were roasting bananas in their coats.

The fabled "three-inch"  hissing cockroach. They fly - slowly - making a racket. They can hover. And they like to die in my tub.

This is the charcoal delivery service. I tried to move a full bundle of charcoal once - well better than a hundred pounds. I have seen a Bicycle carry three. The bicycles of Burundi SUFFER.

I love hearing your stories! I want to do it in person one day soon.
Love, Marcile
Are they bananas or plantains? The cockroach must be a Burundi hissing cockroach 'cause I have seen the Madagascar variety, which looks like a 3 inch June Bug, up close and personal. The Burundi roach looks very similar to the Woodland cockroach of Eastern Oklahoma which is darker. They compete for liting space with Cicadas and June Bugs.
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