Kigali Construction

For Habitat LouJean - on her birthday

Ah, the view from the Oakpi !

A new building was going up next door. This gave me the chance to take a picture of the scaffolding up close. Yes, it is sticks nailed or tied together.
The construction method goes like this:
Pour a concrete slab.
Put in rebar at strategic locations. Tie long pieces of rebar to the rebar sticking out of the slab. Build wooden frames around the rebar. Fill with concrete. Let Set. Put up scafolding to next floor. Lay bricks between posts. Cover bricks in cement. Leave some holes in the bricks to anchor the next scaffolds. Build a wooden ramp to wheelbarrow concrete to next floor. One section at a time, using a frame, pour the next slab one wheelbarrow at a time. Repeat.  The picture above was from the third floor.

This is what it looks like on a much taller building.

Since this takes a long time, use green tarps to wrap the building in the rainy season.

And when I say Much taller building - I mean like 40 stories (see below).

And remember, you are smack dab in the middle of the great Rift Valley which is an active fault zone. As in there are active volcanoes (like 5) within a couple of hundred kilometers.

Want to buy a condo with a nice view?

The other thing to notice about these pictures is the sky.
This was a clear day in Kigali during the dry season. An inversion situation, I suppose. Gray diesel smog obscuring vision at about one kilometer
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