Kibenga Moonlight

We have the standard, planned, black-out every night from midnight until 6am.  But for the last four nights the lights have gone out in the early evening and one day at 2pm.  This means all food in the fridge spoils which is why Burundians only use their fridges to cool water and store root vegetables.
But the neighborhood is quieter, and it allows us to enjoy the mosquitos in their natural moonlight. with so little light pollution, you can read outside in the moonlight. It is quite delicious.  And it had one of its standard effects - poetry.  So here for a change of pace.

Kibenga Moonlight
casts a shadow
on my naked

Kibenga moonlight,
liquid silver
icing deepest

Kibenga Moonlight
in the garden
lights what is not

I miss the total darkness that night brought when I was a child. We could see the stars which are almost invisible most places here with all the artificial light. I wonder how much energy would be saved if we didn't feel that we needed artificial light 24/7.
Mmmmmm, moonlight . . .
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