Praise be to the Lords of Gallifrey and their fine provisioners.
It all fit.
I am quite sure that this is one third of what I took on the last two trips.
 Never the less - this is what is going to Africa.
A few select pieces are going for their second go. Only my magic traveling vest is going for a third time. There is a dress that was mailed to me from the Congo that will go with, and return to Abeka and go to Sunday morning worship there to what I presume will be great acclaim. There will be a fine bit of silk that was purchased for me in a bazaar  in Istanbul that will get to see Africa.
Here is the list:

3 dresses
2 pair slacks
2 light sweaters
1 silk wrap
swimsuit for Mombasa
20 pieces of various foundational garments
7 long skirts
11 blouses
2 camisoles
extensive med kit
extensive Vanity Kit
Blow dryer that works on 220
Outback crushable leather hat with stampede straps
4 pairs of shoes ( 3 dressy in gold purple and black)
my own pillow
towel (never travel the galaxy without one!)
5 books and 2 pair reading glasses
shopping bag of presents
duct tape and Ohio Forge multi-tool (my dad's wisdom)
clothes line and pins
27" inflatable globe
Lembas in the form of  odwallas and goldfish
camera, and ipod
a torch and spare batteries
pocketwatch and sunglasses
a couple of good luck charms

It appears to come in at 35 pounds.
Not even a Marine pack

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