Almost Ready

The Man in front of the bus is using duct tape to put in the headlight. It is almost time to go.

Use the 'facilities' Madam, and pack a little food to share, 1200 miles is a serious journey. Feel free to hold a prayer meeting on the bus anytime you like.

Here is my prayer list: as of today

*Smooth connections through Washington DC, Addis Ababba and Nairobi.

*Blessed Bus connections in Kampala and KIgali

*Finding my former students and Les Vulnerables in Kigali.

*Peace for the elections in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi

*Students for the Institute: there has been a teachers' strike and their vacation may be cancelled. Time for teaching them will surely have to be adjusted. Stay flexible.

*Peace in Burundi: News reports this weekend speak of "scattered grenade attacks in Bujumbura" few injuries, no one seems especially worried.  You know you are in Buja when grenade attacks are treated like localized thunderstorms.

Duct tape to put in a headlight! I love it, that is so African! Thanks for the laugh Peggy!
Praying for you!
Prayers for the journey!
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