What I hope to be doing

If I have learned one thing about traveling in the ministry, it is this; What I think I am going to be doing, and what I actually end up doing often bear not much resemblance to each other.  There are some constants, and there are elements of the my travel plans that stay in place, and there are always some Godly surprises.

That said, I want to lay out the major portions of  my itinerary, and the concerns that have been laid upon my heart and mind.

I think I will use a separate post for each segment.

USFW - Mombasa
The trip out west.
A stop in Kigali.
The Institute in Bujumbura.

( in the photo above I provide entertainment for the Female Twa construction workers in Gitega, Burundi . I dug about three feet of foundation ditch before succumbing to 5k foot altitude, heat, and limits of my strength)

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