After 5 days in Mombasa, I will be headed west. I have opted to travel by land and take a couple of weeks to get to Bujumbura, instead of what would be a two hour air trip from Nairobi.

The first leg will be across Kenya from the sea to the great rift valley. I will be riding the bus along with Kenyan sisters from the conference and AGLI Friend David Zarembka and his wife Gladys. Zarembka has invited me to land at their home in Eldoret for a couple of days before moving on. I am looking forward to this trip though I know it will be long and tiring. Kenya is about the size of Texas. I expect a standard Matatu - a Toyota ten person van with 20 people in it. I expect the roads to be mostly, sorta paved two lane affairs.  But this will be the best way to see and feel the country.

If I were going by plane all the way to Buja, I would allow myself three large bags for two months. I am going to try and do this trip with a backpack and a messenger bag - For those who know me - you know what this means to me.  If anyone knows where to order a Dr. Who Tardis Backpack, please let me know.

Once out in western I will make a decision about proceeding. More bus through Uganda into Rwanda or attempt to find a small airways to cross lake Victoria.  African border crossings are so much fun.  You can get all your visas here in the US, but my experience is that some petty border bureaucrat will still try and shake you down at the border.  Showing up without the visa  and asking for  it is a gamble - it usually works, but they don't have to let you in, and could send you back to Nairobi for paperwork if they felt like it.

But somehow, I will get to central Rwanda and to the house of my Friends Habimana Augustine and his wife MamaElise. They pastor a church outside of Kigali. I will visit with them and try and see as many of my '03 Rwandan students as possible. Then I will bus down to Burundi.

I am hoping that these travels will be calmer than some of my previous  bus experiences. But I will become part of the community of travelers. I will learn much. I will have opportunities for prayer and ministry. I will be in the center of the palm of God's hand, as always.

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