International Women's Day

Please look at
This video over at the New York Times.

It is an uplifting (literally) piece on Women in the Congo.

Bukavu was recently listed by the World Health Organization as the worst place in the world to be a woman. The percentage of  females of all ages who are rape victims is believed to be over 90% in this area.

I have carried water and vegetables on my head like this, to the same reaction of the crowds. It is very entertaining to them. Like a bear on a bicycle.  When the male reporter tries it, he is also breaking the gender taboo. Like Milton Burl in a dress. High entertainment indeed.

On the THARS construction site in Gitega, Twa women, who averaged about 4'10" and maybe 100 lbs. dug the foundations, carried quarry stones on their heads, carried the cement and water. The men mixed the cement, and laid bricks. The women carried the bricks.  Below is me taking my turn with the water.  I had to use my hands to steady.
(pic by D Lamson)

When my back or arms get a little achy from some of my chores, I think of the women of Congo (or Honduras, or most of the world), take a breath, smile, say prayers of gratitude especially for those women, and keep on going.
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