Patrick Stewart - Hero of the Faith

Sir Patrick Stewart (Queen Elizabeth recently said "make it so")
is hereby made a SPG Hero of the Faith, by virtue of his courageous, honest, and nuanced testimony against domestic violence.

It is difficult for anyone to speak publicly about a nightmarish childhood. It is even more laudable when they can do so and also be honest about the good in the abuser, and how the violence debased their soul as well as their victims. Stewart's father had a heroic military career, a respected leader of men, fearless in the face or terrible odds, so like fabled Captain Picard. But his post war home life was deplorable. His son is unfailingly truthful about both aspects of this man.  We also make special note of one Lizzie Dixon a hero in Stewart's memory, and let her stand for all those who have stood in the way and said "Come on, have a go at me."  May we all find the courage to speak for the voiceless.

Update   Here, Stewart speaking more recently about his mother and his father and how he works on behalf of both of them.  What a human!



I was struck not only by Patrick Stewart's testimony but also by the wisdom of the director who promised to walk with him wherever he needed to go for the one role he mentioned.

Plus, sometimes "Make is so" is just such a satisfying phrase.
Make It So Number One!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. What courage (not healthy) for Patrick to put his self between his father-s fist and his mother.
Thank you for posting this by Patrick Stewart. May many more neighbors get involved as Patrick's did (too rarely).
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