Out of the Mouths of Babes

So there I was ...
talking to a four year old.

I had a new car.
It was "inferno red"
I had decked it out in flame decals.

All the little boys loved it. It looked exactly like a hot wheels car.

Then I spoke to a little girl,

LG: Did you put those fire stickers on your car?
Me: Yes, cool, huh?
LG: So you are pretending that your car is on fire?
Me: Well, kinda, like it was going real fast...
LG: If you were going really fast, wouldn't flames coming from your car be a bad thing?

 photo came from  here



Two comments should have posted and didn't

Lone star noted that little girls are smart

and Raye noted the appropriateness of the song "hot Rod Lincoln to the topic

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