Goma - a tough place to survive for human or critter

This in from the SPG world desk.

Mount Nyamuragira a few miles north of Goma in the DRC erupted yesterday with Lava flow that has set forest fires. No one fights forest fies in the Congo. This one will affect some outlying villages and a lot of Chimpanzees. The mountain gorillas mostly live on the flanks of a different volcano. The Gomans call the five volcanos that ring their city "neighbors."  They are prone to say that the neighbors sometimes come to visit. Below is a picture of downtown Goma after even closer neighbor Nyiragongo came to visit in 2002. Among thr 600,000 souls who live in Goma are quite a few Quakers, and some of my former students.

That's Lava flow halfway filling a building with vehicles driving on the "new road"  at least six feet higher than the old road.

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