Focus on the Family invites Freedom Friends Pastor and spouse to reatreat

Save the Date!
Pastors and Spouses —
Do you need a vacation?
Could you use some encouragement?
Imagine a vacation wrapped around a life-changing conference!
Then please plan now to join us at one of these
Focus on the Family
Pastor and Spouse Retreats! 
I get lots of pastor spam at FFC, but those nice people at F on the F are  fairly prolific. But How thoughtful! A vacation. 
Alivia thought so too! 

So, um, are you gonna sign up?
HA. you should go. id go with you!
So... You goin'?

*blink, blink*
sadly, my teaching schedule does not allow, But when they open registrations, I might send in an inquiry.

But I don't really want them to take me off their e-mail list, because I like to see what they are up to and how they talk when they think they are talking to the choir.
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