Blind Boys of Alabama

We Have tickets to see the Blind Boys tonight
Bar-b-que beforehand, of course.

Gonna get filled, body and soul!

Most of the time I am grateful to be content with the gender I was born to. If I thought I had a prayer of coming through a transition with a voice like those, though, I could ALMOST be tempted...

Hope you enjoyed the show.

They were in fine form, sang for 90 minutes without a break and really wailed for much of it.

Everybody on their feet for the last thirty minutes. This included the Governor who did a fine white boy shuffle and clap. He looked like he was having a ball. We all were.

They have some fine schtick to go with the music, and the music needs no schtik they just clearly enjoy it.

Saw Derek L there, had ice cream after. Life is so good right now.
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