What a great day - and it's not over yet!

Wow, what a nice day.

Woke up and had coffee and then an hour-long skype with the grandbaby.
We had a slightly post birthday party on line.  She really likes group singing, and seems to especially like Happy Birthday.

We sent her a wooden box, made and decorated by Alivia  full of surprises.
This included iced oatmeal cookies that I baked for her.

Two days ago she turned up her nose a her birthday cupcake and went for the pizza. I did not have high hopes for the cookies. She recognized them for what they were, which she calls "Cook" popped one in her mouth and said "MMMMMMMM"
Oh Boy did that feel good!

After that I got dressed in my special Christmas Shopping outfit, including Christmas hat, and went downtown.

The Sun was/is shining furiously, but the air is crisp.

I picked up a hundred copies of the new book at Salem Blue, and Shawn told me that he was really happy with the cover.

Then I went to the YMCA and got back a membership. I lost this two years ago due to a severe economic downturn, but am back on my feet in that regards and can go back to the gym. This is called redemption, and it is very Christmasy.

Then I went shopping for doughnuts at my favorite bakery.

Then I went shopping for me, and the fashion demi-gods were in a very favorable mood, and I got pretty things for the party and Christmas Eve. And wedding shoes!

And I found all the bell ringers, and contributed, and one even let me ring the bell.

And an old black lady told me that my hat was "fabulous"

And I had an eggnog latte.

And its only 2:30
Oh endorphins, how I love you!

I am going to go buy a Christmas tree for the church,

And tonight I get to see people I like and have fun talking about Africa.

And it will get even better than this, because it always does

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