The Second Volume of So There I Was ...
Will be off the presses this week.

Coming in at just under 150 pages, it has 28 stories from Africa.  There's comedy, tragedy and a unique cross-cultural perspective. 

The price is going to be $15.00 per copy, and 100% of the revenue from this book is going into a fund to send Peggy back to Africa next summer to get some fresh material.

For those is the Northwest - Friday night December 4 at 7pm, Peggy is throwing a book party at Freedom Friends Church. Peggy will read and take questions and show picture from her trips some of which even corroborate her accounts! Come join us for an informal get together.

Friend Peggy, Do you have any plans for any kind of e-book option? I would be happy to pay full price to get an electronic file of some sort and NOT TO GET print. What say you?
I am working on this.
I will make something available for people I know. Sending something out that could be copied would not do me any good.
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