It's Bastille Day!
So, on the way back from our river rafting trip, me and the kids stormed a Taco Bell!!
A Taco Bell?????

Couldn't you do any better than that?

Perhaps that's the wrong question. Perhaps the first question should be, Friend Peggy, why in heck did you feel called to storm the Taco Bell?

RantWoman, RantMom and another groupie hit a different taco chain but no one mentioned Bastille Day. The others in RantWoman's party were too busy avoiding lettuce.

Perhaps we're all in danger of getting thrown out of a revolution--unless, for instance we get religion, repent of our chain food practices and only eat at locally-owned taco trucks?
Better than Taco Bell?

No, doggone it, we don't have In&Out burgers here =-)
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