Happy Fourth!

Funny. I need two more copies of your book - please remind me how much and how to order? Thanks.

So glad you have found other readers. You are now officially my Texas Book Outlet!

$35 for two, plus 3 postage
Paypal, or check in the mail.

I have your address and will send them out on trust.

Wait! I think three. How much for three? Thanks!
Man - these are the best kinds of comments!
the price breakdown is

1= 20 + 3 for postage
2= 35 + 4 for postage
3= 50 + 5 for postage

paypal on this page or check to
710 Thompson Ne Salem, OR, 97301
Okay, if the internet saints smiled on me, I paypaled $55 for 3. Please let me know if it didn't work. I am keeping one of the first I ordered and giving one to one of my First Day School teens who is moving away. The other three will be gifts for my baby sister (just because), for my mom's birthday in August and for one of my brothers' birthdays in September. Thank you!
received - they will go out tomorrow.
Do you want me to sign them?
Ooooh - if you would. Thanks!
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