New Things

This is my granddaughter Nia.
She is having a bit of a conflicting instinct problem here.
She is almost seven months old and has gotten real interested in spoon food. She has been happily taking rice cereal mixed with breast milk for a few weeks. Mommy thought it was time to try some fruit.
Applesauce, pears and bananas have been tried. Nia reacts just like this with each one. She really wants the spoon. She opens her mouth. And each time is shocked, SHOCKED, at how weird that stuff tastes.

I am like this sometimes. I know I want to try something new.
I need to broaden my range. But it is just so freakin' DIFFERENT!
I shudder and grimace, and then I open my mouth again.

Nia will figure out food. I will figure things out too.
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