Freedom Friends is very, very close to publishing our complete Faith and Practice.

If I said that this is the first, new, Quaker F and P of the 21st would I be wrong?

Probly not!
Maybe Inter Mountain Yearly Meeting has finished before you. It depends where you count their process. Take a look at
Looks like IMYM will join us in this pleasure this year. Their draft is up and they expect to publish and put it in the hands of their people in June 2009.

here is the statement from their website:

Faith and Practice

The Faith and Practice Committee is completing its charge from IMYM 2006 to revise the draft of Faith and Practice. The finished text will be available in book form during the annual gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting and thereafter. It will be posted on this website soon after the rise of yearly meeting (June 2009). Friends may order a copy of Faith and Practice through their meeting. All copies must be prepaid ($10.00 per copy) to cover cost and shipping. Checks are to be made out to IMYM with Faith and Practice on the subject line and mailed to Martha Roberts, 6343 S High St, Centennial, CO 80121. Orders must be received by March 15. Delivery will be made in mid June. Friends are asked to dispose of all existing copies of the draft copy of Faith & Practice. Substantial changes have been made; the draft is no longer fully accurate.
Pacific Yearly Meeting re-wrote (and doubled the size of) its Faith and Practice, and published it in 2001, but it wasn't brand new.
Friend Peggy,

According to someone at the breakfast table at FWCC both the Aussies and the Kiwi's beat you to the first of the millenium title. But how about the first independent... of the millenium to have its own F&P?

Otherwise, we'll have to find one of those non-competitive games types to think of another category you can win no matter what.
OK - I will stop claiming first - not that it mattered, I just have trouble with that competitive thing.

But I am going to check out the Aussie date
From Autralia YM

Editions of the Handbook
1st edition 1967
2nd edition (interim) 1983
2nd edition (completed) 1985
3rd edition (loose leaf) 1993
4th Edition (looseleaf) 1995
5th Edition (loose-leaf and web-based) 2005
6th Edition

so they brought out an addition in 05 but it was not from scratch.
Early in 2004, Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand published a New Zealand version of Quaker Faith and Practice, containing writings by New Zealand Friends.

so The Kiwis do seem to have brought out a new one in 04

Good on them!
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