To all my F/Friends who are Phillies fans! I have been rooting for you since the Cubs Choke, but feared to blog it lest we pass on the curse.

Enjoy - you deserve it!

I'm afraid to ask for fear of sounding like I am completely oblivious. But, I am oblivious on this point. Did they win the series? What game did they win? Should I repent now or wait? Until I hear the angels descending, I'm going to go check the news...
Sarah -- the Phillies did win the World Series -- They won it 4 games to 1 -- the 5th game started Monday -- after 5-1/2 innings, the game was tied, and was then suspended because rain was making playing conditions impossible. Rain all Day Tuesday -- finally on Wednesday the 5th game resumed for the final 3 innings, with the Phillies winning it 4-3.

There is joy in Mudville!

At last!!! All those years we trudged to Connie Mack with Dad and loved it even if the Whiz Kids couldn't pull it all off.

I hear that the Phillies curse started when they first built higher than Billy Penn. Then on the latest high rise, someone added a new statue of Billy on the top parapet.
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