Our Pitchers

Yesterday at Shea, Jason Marquis - the Cubs starting Pitcher hit a grand slam Home run to win his own game!

This is where the National League pride comes in.
Our boys do it all.

MLB reports on the power that teh Cubs have at the number 9 spot.
Yay Marquis!! -- for bringing our Phillies' "magic number" down to four!

Yes - the Phillies may have good cause to thank the Cubs this week.

Ironically so do the dreaded Brewers, they want the wild cardspot that the Mets are vying for.

One of the things I like about Freedom Friends is the diveristy on so many levels.

Cubs fans, Phillies fans,dejected Mariners fans, and I know of at least on Mets fan.

My theology does not really let me pray for the outcome of a game, but I can pray that they stay healthy, sane, and focused.

That each would do their best -

And then the Cubs will win :)
I join you in hoping that the Cubs do well. At least up to the point that they play the Red Sox in the World Series.

Will T
well. we can stay on the same path of hope for a while yet.

And Being good Quakers we probably can't lay any bets...

But Cubs fans know that betting is bad mojo. Only the purest of faith is rewarded.

not that we have been rewarded, not in two lifetimes...
These guys are going to kill me!

Tonight they won it in the 10th. 9 - 6 They used up all their pitchers, as did the Mets.

They were down four runs at one point

They were finally on ESPN and Alivia has TV so I went over and actually watched a whole game for the first time this season.

Nice to know what they look like.
And the Mariner's clinched last place in Major League Baseball!

Go, you terrible Ms!

Go, you marvelous Cubs!

Go, you amazing Red Sox!

I know I'm jumping around the bandwagon, and I don't care!

Baseball is such a delicious game!
Peggy, there is much for you to worry about, if the Mets get into the playoffs through the wildcard, and for the rest of this series. Because the Mets have a new weapon:
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