Giving Kronos his due

I bought a watch yesterday.
It won't last long.
They never do.
My electro-magnicity is death to timepieces.
I am also hard on microphones
and sound systems.
But I am eight days out
from the wedding of my
second daughter.
I like to live as a Devotee of Kairos.
But sometimes old Kronos
must have his due.

This is somewhat off-topic.

I love your blog, which is something I have in common with a lot of people. But in case there are a stray half-dozen folks out there who don't yet know how wonderful you are, I've nominated you for a blog award, in the hopes that the readers of my own blog will read yours and be changed as well.

To find out more about the "I Love Your Blog" award, and to collect the graphic if you'd like to post it, drop by Quaker Pagan Reflections, to the entry, Too Much Love?

And please keep blogging! Your writing means a lot to me.
Blessings on everyone in the family, and thanks for popping up to say hello. Sounds like the wedding will be one to remember!
From the sneak peek I'm guessing that the wedding won't be in the traditional Quaker style.... sounds right.
I can relate to the watch thing; I have always hated to be handcuffed to time, and have often thought that it would be a kewl thing to have one of those old-fashioned covered pocket watches with and engraved wildlife scene. Of course I'd have to have a digital readout when it was opened.
Have fun!
In His Love,
Nate Swift
In case you kill your watch BEFORE the wedding, I will wear mine too. Maybe put a few clocks around just in case. Tick tock tic...
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