A Most wonderful time of the year

After Christmas morning, my favorite morning of the year is that day at the end of the strawberries and the beginning of the blueberries where you can take your cereal bowl out in the backyard and make it look like this.

Just a few days ago my wife Julie pointed at a cereal box with strawberries and blueberries and challenged me to determine what was wrong with the picture. I failed to notice that strawberry & blueberry season didn't overlap, whereupon she said it did, for about a week every year and exclaimed how this was the week. In the past week she's made a yummy strawberry cake and both blueberry and peach cobblers. Yum yum yum.
Martin in Hammonton NJ aka "The Blueberry Capital of the World", cultivated and wild evidence here
That is rather beautiful, although I am pretty spoiled here in Texas.
Augh! You're making me miss the US!
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