Hero of the Faith

Here is Olga Murry of Sausalito, CA.

Doing a little Women's work - setting Captives free.
Read her story here at the Chronicle.

One of the fun things Tony Compolo said last week at NWYM was that retirement (as recreation and rest) was unchristian for healthy people. He advised second careers as Lamb's warriors and Kingdom workers for all who are able. I agree. I like what Olga is doing with her 'sunset years'. I like the picture of militant elderly people. Dangerous old people. Watch out for that hobbling little green Jedi. Make sure you take the staff away from that old wizard. Dangerous - the good kind.

I like the idea of Every Christian a hero.

What a wonderful thing to aspire to, becoming dangerous in our dotage!

Thanks for sharing these inspiring snippets of the lives of people who are making the world better in their "sunset years." Gives me something to look forward to, ya know.
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