It isn't all that often that I can come up with photographic witness to some of the stories I tell, but once in a while...

Last month I got a little subversion in at a wedding. I visited the bride's facebook page, and lookee lookee, me talking to little anne marie in her Disney princess dress. You probably can't enlarge this, but what I didn't notice at the time was the looks I was getting from the nearby old folks.

Here is the happy couple
Marita and Gavin

oh my THANK YOU for posting that LOL! I remember that post well! And how sad is it that this little girl has peoople who love her who think it's for her "good" to believe her self, well, not so good relative to men.
& she's adorable <3
I remeber that post! She is a cutie, and looks on their faces....priceless!!
ah yes tweaking old people. the 14 year old in my approves.

also, thats a lovely picture of the bride and groom :).
The old people look very tweaked!
Oh, of all the older people there that were likely to be tweaked by something, the ones in that picture aren't them. I have a great deal of faith that you distressed a few people there, but probably not that group. They're a friendly sort.

My uncle, on the right, usually only gets that look on his face when someone brings up our current president, to tell you the truth. Perhaps they were talking politics. :)

Oh, and thank you, daughter #2!
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